Yoga Teacher and
Rehabilitation Specialist

Good Day! My name is Domenica, I'm yoga teacher and rehabilitation specialist.
For last 10 years I'm successfully implementing healthy movement into students life.

Below you can check sample of live yoga lesson with company whom choose yoga as a part of personnel's healthcare.
Shortly about my experience
Higher Education at Rehabilitation procedures. National University of Ukraine on Physical Education and Sport.
1st stage graduate of yoga school YOGA23 by A.Sidersky. Traveling around the world with visiting and studying different styles of yoga (USA, India,Belgium, OAE)
More then10 year of successful yoga practice with adults, kids (7-9y.o.)
Successful cases of the early recovery period of stroke rehabilitation; general strengthening of the physical condition and improving coordination movements of the child with hydrocephalus
Successful case of total recovery case of male with 5 lumbar and cervical hernias
Held several workshops about human anatomy and biomechanics for regular yoga practicer
Type of Lesson
Several ways I'm able to provide with this days situation.
Live group lessons
Its prepared program for group lessons with requested topics (ex. lower back pain reduction, office work recovery, hernia rehab, handstands, splits etc.) which takes place at Private Facebook group, Youtube or Personal Account on this website. All you need is just open your laptop and follow very detailed instructions on your yoga mat.
This type of lesson can not provide feedback or corrections of the group during the lesson.

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Zoom online sessions
It is the best way to practice with a group of up to 20 people. Following the program it is possible to correct mistakes and check groups progress.
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Mindfulness Meditation
Is the most scientifically studied form of meditation and its effect on the human body. As it doesn't request any visual corrections, usually provided in Live at a convenient platform for the company.

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Recorded lessons
Best for disciplined and ready for self work people. On weekly basis providing necessary amount of lessons for personal practice at convenient time and place.
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Papers are important, but only practice give real results.
Benefits of practising online with me
I care
As rehabilitation specialist i know how important to create a good habbits for heath and how hard to change existing (ex. sitting at the desk with laptop or chatting cellphone), that why i know that.
No extra equipment
For practicing yoga, you dont need anything exept yoga mat.
Team building
Helps employees to stay healthy and stay at the company's community
Individual approach
Upon request I consultate for individual corrections of practice to each employee.
I will gladly provide you a test drive lesson on special conditions. Leave your contact or send me a direct message to Telegram / WhatsApp
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