My name is Domenica. I am a energetic yoga instructor who enjoys inspiring others to be their best!

I work at the several Kiev yoga studios in Kiev city center as well as offer at home as personal trainer. My focus are core, balance and interval training and making it as fun as possible.

Although I love training and teaching yoga for beginners, my greatest passion is nutrition! That is why 2 years ago I became a health educator with a great company called «LIFE QUEST". This company has found a way to get fit with non stressed way. Lots of studies show great benefits to adding more fruits and veggies to our diets!

I am always expanding my knowledge to help others reach their own health goals. I strive to learn every day to stay informed of all aspects of health and training so that I can use my skills in the best way for teaching and helping each client.

I specialize in a Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow sequence where I guide my students through a variety of postures and breathing exercises.

My contact number for more details +38 098 158 77 88

Gladly will be practicing yoga with you!